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DealShield provides wholesale inventory risk management through products and services that offer protection from real or perceived risks during vehicle sourcing and retailing.

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To get the right vehicle at the right price, you used to have to rely on split-second decisions, post-sale inspections, intuition and even a bit of luck. You could never be sure you’d make money on the resale — and as the dealer, all the risk was on you.

But now you can protect yourself from all that risk and worry with DealShield® Automatic Guarantees. If you decide to get out of a car for any reason,* simply return it for a refund of the purchase price and buy-fee at any Manheim or BSC America operating location.

DealShield Automatic Guarantees include:

Automatic Purchase Advantage can be purchased at auction locations nationwide through your auction rep or by calling 855.246.5556. Automatic Total Advantage is currently invitation-only; to learn more, contact us.

* Does not cover Acts of God.

DealShield is a Cox Automotive brand. Since its launch in mid-2012, DealShield has protected billions of dollars in vehicle purchases.

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