What is DealShield?

DealShield provides wholesale inventory risk management through our Automatic DS360 guarantee, offering protection from real or perceived risks during vehicle sourcing and retailing.

How do I get DealShield?

DealShield’s guarantee products are available through any participating network auction location. Feel free to see your local auction representative or call us at 855.246.5556, M-F, 8:30AM – 8:00PM EST.

How do I access my DealShield Dealer Dashboard?

You can log on to dealshield.com with your Manheim login credentials.

Can I return the vehicle for any reason? If I do, how much will I get back?

Yes, you can return the vehicle for any reason within the mileage allotment and in like condition. You will be reimbursed 100% of the guaranteed amount plus the buy-fee.

How can I pay for the guarantee?

Your fee for the DS360 guarantee will show as a “Buyer’s Adjustment” on your sales slip when buying at a Manheim auction.

Can my floorplan be used to pay for a DealShield guarantee?

Yes, as long as the floorplan accepts buyer’s adjustments or will pay an Assurance Invoice from Manheim, it can be used for DS360 guarantee purchases.

Can I get the guarantee posted to the vehicle bill of sale?

Yes, the DS360 guarantee will automatically post to the bill of sale.

How many miles can I drive the vehicle under the guarantee?

You may put an additional 360 post-purchase miles on the odometer. In the event you will exceed the mileage allotment, please call DealShield Client Service at 855.246.5556.

How many days can I keep the vehicle under the guarantee?

You may keep the vehicle for up to 21 days before the return eligibility window expires.

How do I return a vehicle?

Log into your DealShield dashboard, select “Guaranteed Vehicles” to find vehicles eligible for return and initiate the return by clicking on the button on the right-hand side of your vehicle listing.

Where do I return the vehicle?

Vehicles may be returned to any Manheim or any participating network auction location. Return location must match your selection when filling out your Vehicle Return Authorization (VRA) info.

What if I want to return a vehicle that would have been covered under arbitration?

To comply with NAAA guidelines and protect your DealShield guarantee rate, we recommend if you have a valid arbitration, that you follow the arbitration process at the purchasing location, prior to returning the vehicle through DealShield.

What if I return the vehicle under the guarantee, but incurred transportation costs before I realized I needed to return the vehicle. Will these be reimbursed?

The DS360 guarantee does not include transport cost reimbursements for purchased vehicles.

I have to return a vehicle, but spent a good bit of money on recon and added equipment. Can I get reimbursed for these expenses?

The DS360 guarantee does not include reimbursement for any extra expenses. DealShield guarantees provide reimbursement for purchase price and buy-fee only.

What documentation do I need to return a vehicle?

To return the vehicle we must receive a negotiable title. If the purchase location still has the title, or if the seller has not presented the title, we will attempt to intercept the title on your behalf.

The vehicle title is held by a floor planning institution. Can you get it from them?

If a vehicle title is held by a floor planning institution, we will do our best to coordinate directly with that institution to obtain the title and process your return. There are times where you may need to contact your institution directly.

If I return a vehicle, how soon will I receive my refund?

Our goal is to get your reimbursement back to you within 7 business days, however it may take up to 12 business days (once your vehicle and title have been checked in) for your refund to process.

I did a few modifications to the vehicle after I purchased it. Is the guarantee still valid?

The DS360 guarantee only applies to vehicles that are in the same condition as they were at the time of sale. This includes modifications as well as damage to the vehicle.

What vehicles are eligible for a DealShield guarantee?

The DS360 guarantee can be applied to vehicles 20 years or newer with a sale price below $100,000 with less than 250,000 miles on the odometer.

What vehicles are not eligible for a DealShield guarantee?

The DS360 guarantee does not cover TMU, TRA, salvage or specialty/hand-built vehicles, nor branded title (e.g. flood). Vehicles purchased by export-only buyers or vehicles purchased on an MSO are also ineligible for a DS360 guarantee.