From unexpected recon costs to lost buyers, there are a number of reasons a smart purchase could suddenly become unprofitable. Fortunately, DealShield makes it easy to return eligible vehicles for a 100% refund of the purchase price and buy-fee. Just follow these four simple, but important, steps:

STEP 1: Request a Vehicle Return Authorization (VRA).
Log in to the customer portal at or call 855.246.5556. Be sure to review your VRA for accuracy. This lets us know that you plan to return the vehicle, and we can also inform the return location auction to expect it.

STEP 2: Drop off the vehicle by the date shown on the VRA.
Return the vehicle to the auction location shown on the VRA, or contact us to request a different return location. It’s very important that you get the vehicle to the specific auction by the specific date shown; otherwise, your return may become invalid. Make sure you deliver the vehicle to the entry gate / vehicle entry, as they will scan the VIN and know it’s a DealShield return.

STEP 3: Deliver a negotiable title.
The title must be negotiable and delivered along with the VRA to the auction where the vehicle is returned, either in-person or by mail, by the date specified on the VRA. We cannot issue a refund until we have a negotiable title.

STEP 4: Receive your refund.
Checks are mailed within five to seven days of receiving the vehicle and negotiable title. For faster refunds, please be sure to sign up for ACH electronic payment processing. You can do that via the customer portal.

To receive your refund, the vehicle and title must be returned to the location specified by the date listed on the VRA.
Also, please keep an eye on your overall return percentage. Your fee per vehicle could be impacted by higher-than-expected return rates. We’ll get into that more in Tip #3, which will be coming your way soon.

For more information on how to return a vehicle with DealShield coverage, feel free to visit

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

— The DealShield Team